Frederic Chopin
Etudes Opus 25

frederic chopin

To watch a video of the Opus 25 Etudes made in November, 2022 click here.

#1 (A-flat)(Aeolian harp) #2 (f)
#3 (F) #4 (a)
#5 (e) #6 (c#) (thirds)
#7 (c#) #8 (D-flat)
#9 (G-flat) (butterfly) #10 (f#) (octaves)
#11 (a) (winter wind) #12 (c)(ocean)

Frederic Chopin's 24 Etudes of Opus 10 and Opus 25 were the first piano studies which were not merely technical exercises, but great musical works which stood on their own individually. The first set was composed by Chopin between 1829 and 1833 and dedicated to Franz Liszt. The second set was published in 1837 but composed during the years following 1832 according to Robert Schumann. Each piece has a technical problem which is interwoven into the musical fabric, and they were unlike any of the countless studies in piano technique by other contemporary composers including Reicha, Cramer, Clementi, Czerny and Kalkbrenner. They were his first masterpieces and a benchmark in composition for piano technique. To quote Ludwig Rellstab "A player with crooked fingers will straighen them by playing these studies, but other players should be put on their guard against them..."